Group 2 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to Dublin Show
1st Connolly & Scanlon's Ch Nujax Johnny Cash Jun Ch (Schnauzer Miniature) 245pts

2nd Magee & Sweeney's Ch Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo Of Tarbhore Jun Ch (Bullmastiff) 150pts

3rd  Stubbs & Lenihan's Ch Cotarinn Fright Night (Rottweiler) 100pts

4th  Kerrisk's Ch, No, Lux & Int Ch Chuanfa Compact At Qing Iverna (Shar Pei) 90pts 

5th  Holmes & Lyons' Ch Kalaslane Kick Ass (Black Russian Terrier) 75pts     
6th  Long-Doyle's Ch, Lux & Int Ch Il Divo Roly By Longsdyle Jun Ch (St. Bernard Long Haired) 65pts
        Ni She's Ch, GB, Nl, Lux & Int Multi Ch Farantino Wot A Thriller At Ruholfia Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 65pts
8th  Henderson's Ch & GB Ch Tuwos Halestorm (Dobermann Pinscher) 60pts
        Keenan & Griffin's Ch Jamarow Northern Star At Bessbox (Boxer) 60pts
        Robertson & Neill's Big Ben's Number One With Soletrader (Schnauzer Miniature) 60pts
11th Dooley's Ch Ballyfrawley Poker Face (Great Dane) 55pts
         Prior's Ch Rosamic The Special One Jun Ch (Rottweiler) 55pts
13th Fitzsimons' Ch Fitzkin Has It Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 50pts
         Long's Argus Electra Kalibra (Black Russian Terrier) 50pts

15th Dobbin's Dreamkeepers Brooklynbears Shania (Newfoundland) 45pts
16th English's Ch Santomard Anubus Jun Ch (St. Bernard Short Haired) 40pts
         Orr's GB Ch Odessey Hey Jude At Tikaram (Rottweiler) 40pts
18th Donnelly & Henderson's Ch & GB Ch Tuwos Hrana (Dobermann Pinscher) 35pts
         Moore's Rozenyas Playin With Fire Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 35pts
20th Cooper's Ch Carennydd Dark Knight Ries Over Confucian Jun Ch (Shar Pei) 30pts
         Durcan & Bermingham's Ch Iso Del Colle Dell 'Infininito (Boxer) 30pts
         Kenny's Ch & Int Ch Clanreh Call The Shots Jun Ch (Pinscher Miniature) 30pts
         Morrell's Ch & GB Ch Morrelham Highland Park (Newfoundland) 30pts
24th Benson's Pasturegreen Irish Prince At Bernervalley Jun Ch (Bernese Mountain Dog) 25pts
         Cockerham's Yakuza's Crossfire (Schnauzer Miniature) 25pts
         Dobbin's Ch, GB & Dk Ch Brooklynbear Nijinsky (Newfoundland) 25pts
         Doyle's Álainndanes Miracle Man (Great Dane) 25pts
         Ferguson's Lola Von Bel Mondo Kandie (Rottweiler) 25pts
         Francis' Ch Rathbride Final Fantasy Jun Ch (Boxer) 25pts
         Kinsella's Kenamu Crack Me Up Jack (Newfoundland) 25pts
         Martin's Ballygunnermore Hazel Prince Of Carrue (Boxer) 25pts
         Sheehan's Ch Parleshan Gabreille Jun Ch (St. Bernard Short Haired) 25pts
         Topping's Ch Rottsworth Gran Toreno Jun Ch (Rottweiler) 25pts
34th Cullen's Ch Tuwos Impeccable Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 20pts
         Evans' Silbertraum Silver Flame (Giant Schnauzer) 20pts
         McCallon's Ch Chelseapride Makalele (Bulldog) 20pts
         McDonagh's Ch Maxaire Mystery Atom Jun Ch (Schnauzer Miniature) 20pts
         McDonald's Velournoir Beau Garcon (Giant Schnauzer) 20pts
         Moore's Ch Leokings Lionheart Jun Ch (Leonberger) 20pts
         Ni She's Ruholfia Alani (Dobermann Pinscher) 20pts
         Scully's Cherishabull Touch Of Class (Bulldog) 20pts
         Walsh's Ch Yandamar Inspector Of Magic (Great Dane) 20pts
         Walsh's Ch Dar Og Swagger Jagger Jun Ch (Dogue de Bordeaux) 20pts
         Whan's Ch Løveliens Nukva Of Norris (Leonberger) 20pts
         White's Estalea Trigger (Rottweiler) 20pts
46th Embleton's Ch & GB Ch Bernemcourt Fascination Jun Ch (Bernese Mountain Dog) 15pts
         Lennox's Cherishabull Sweeny Todd (Bulldog) 15pts
         Malecka's Pl & Int Ch My Gal Bull Marmaduke (Bulldog) 15pts
         McDonagh's Ch & Int Ch Gilsway Mystery Lady Jun Ch (Schnauzer Miniature) 15pts
         O'Regan's Nagerbull He's Rocco (Bulldog) 15pts
         Orr's Tikaram Uptown Girl (Rottweiler) 15pts
         Roberts' Ch Flickorna Remember Me Jun Ch (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) 15pts
         Smith's Rohantia Nikolai At Fernwood (Black Russian Terrier) 15pts
54th Brosnan and Wilson's Ch Cuanrua Zamzon At Redoak Jun Ch (Dogue de Bordeaux) 10pts
         Groves & Hare's Jimbren Star Addition (Boxer) 10pts
         Hamill's Shalowseas Sparks Will Fly Jun Ch (Newfoundland) 10pts
         Higgins' Ch Mountslemish Black Khaviar Beg Ex (Giant Schnauzer) 10pts
         Ingram's Jojavik Midnight Express (Dobermann Pinscher) 10pts
         Keenan & Griffin's Bessbox Bang Tidy (Boxer) 10pts
         Kenny's Ch Clanreh Call Me Karma Jun Ch (Pinscher Miniature) 10pts
         Scully's Ch Ocobo Jawdropper Of Sardav Jun Ch (Bulldog) 10pts
         Smith & Caffrey's Bixmark Whos Ur Paddy Jun Ch (Boxer) 10pts