Group 3 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to Dublin Show
1st  Delmar & Lunden's Ch, Swe, Nor, Dk & Int Ch Residentsets Stand-In
       (Fox Terrier Smooth Haired) 340pts 
2nd  Aiken's Ch Slievecroob Scotch Piper (Scottish Terrier) 160pts
         Broaders' Ch Brookside Aristocrat (Lakeland Terrier) 160pts
         Dalton, O'Brien & Poulova's Ch & GB Ch Dalstar Il Divo (Kerry Blue Terrier) 160pts
5th  Corcoran's Ch, GB & Int Ch Zakstaff Whats The Story At Molru Jun Ch (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 135pts
        Jenkins & Flamang's Ch Magic Matisse Vom Maerchengarten (West Highland White Terrier) 135pts

7th  Weatherhead's Ch & GB Ch Hallsblu Fibber Magee (Kerry Blue Terrier) 95pts

8th  Sineri's Ch Cosmopolitan Space Oddity Moonflower (Bull Terrier) 80pts
9th  McCourt's Ch & GB Ch Silhill Royal Blue (Australian Terrier) 40pts
       O'Donnell's Merrymac You Will Make It (Irish Terrier) 40pts
11th Armstrong's Ch & GB Ch Ploughdown Placida (Border Terrier) 35pts
         Cox's Napier Snow Candy (Bull Terrier) 35pts
         Gregg's Ch Ellabeth Amabilisdandie At Bambusa (Dandie Dinmont Terrier) 35pts
         Thompson's Burrencroft Joshy Boy (Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 35pts
15th Butler's Ch Ballysax Bremner (Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 30pts
         Daly's Commanche Creek (Kerry Blue Terrier) 30pts
         Knight's Ch Mynight Denman Jun Ch (Airedale Terrier) 30pts
         Scotton's Ch Grasco's Honky Tonky (Bull Terrier Miniature) 30pts
19th Brady's Macfinn Magneto (Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 25pts
         Canty's Megacant Mojo (Irish Terrier) 25pts
         Maye & Delmar's Miculadh Shine On At Shillelagh Jun Ch (Kerry Blue Terrier) 25pts
         Quigg's Irisblu Candy Stripes (Kerry Blue Terrier) 25pts
         Quigg's Irisblu Shell Shocked (Kerry Blue Terrier) 25pts
         Redmond's Warhorse El Pistolero (Bull Terrier) 25pts
         White's Ch & GB Ch Abberann Phelan (Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 25pts
26th Dunne's Ch Krisbos Franklin (Jack Russell Terrier) 20pts
         Evans-Barry's Ch Hobel La Nollag Jun Ch (Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 20pts
         Gregg's Ch, GB & Int Ch Bambusa Most Noble (Airedale Terrier) 20pts
         Hanna's Kinaelan Finlandia Finnian (Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 20pts
         Hogarty's Cadagio Don't Stop Me Now (Cairn Terrier) 20pts
         Knight's Ch & Int Ch Mynight Maid Of The Mist Jun Ch (Airedale Terrier) 20pts
         O'Donoghue's Blackdale Acadamy (Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 20pts
         O'Donoghue's Blackdale Starboard (Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 20pts
         Velykyte & Pakenaite's Coxgal Muin Na Muice (Bull Terrier) 20pts
35th Alexander's Stirlingview Shake The Dice (Cairn Terrier) 15pts
         Alexander's Ch Stirlingview Peggy Sue (Cairn Terrier) 15pts
         Clarke's Debully's Born To Be Wild (Bull Terrier Miniature) 15pts
         Cox's Coxgal Lord Monty (Bull Terrier Miniature) 15pts
         Fitzpatrick's Lynnsto Cream Of The Crop At Royalcounty (West Highland White Terrier) 15pts
         Gregg's Bambusa High Noble (Airedale Terrier) 15pts
         Taggart's Cooleys Ms Kylie (West Highland White Terrier) 15pts
         Taylor's Ch Taylortay Howgate Wonder Jun Ch (Border Terrier) 15pts
43rd Broaders' Nujax First Lady (Lakeland Terrier) 10pts
          Byrnes' Ch Lackyle Bean Olc Jun Ch (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts
          Collins & Woods' Sh Ch Jaeva Newsflash Jun Ch (Norwich Terrier) 10pts
          Corcoran's Ch & Int Ch Bad Girl Pauline At Molru (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts
          Dooner's Foxthorn Tomahawk (Parson Russell Terrier) 10pts
          Holmes' Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi (Border Terrier) 10pts
          Hughes & Pearce's Knowlelion Midnight Sky (Welsh Terrier) 10pts
          McCourt & Eardley's Wilfnbell Red Fanatic At Sherex (Australian Terrier) 10pts
          Sinclair's Peggillo Devils May Care (Welsh Terrier) 10pts
          Stewart's Remony Blueberry Blitz Jun Ch (Border Terrier) 10pts
          Thompson's Black Velvet Band (Bull Terrier) 10pts