Group 1 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin
1st  Connolly's Ch Nahrof Blurred Lines At Huntly (Collie Border) 230pts

         McKenna's Ch Nikolaev Tyrion At Davdeir Jun Ch (Bouvier Des Flandres) 230pts

3rd  Lawless' Ch, GB & Dutch Ch Revloch Figo (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 215pts

4th  Long-Doyle's Ch Pumidoro Splinter At Longsdyle Jun Ch (Pumi) 140pts

5th  Dempsey's Ch & Int Ch Bellablue Bewitched By Scallywag Jun Ch (Old English Sheepdog) 125pts

6th  Hastings' Ch, GB & Am Ch Lambluv's Sultry Secret Jun Ch (Old English Sheepdog) 120pts

7th  Castillo & Fortune's Edglonian Blue Fortune (Shetland Sheepdog) 110pts

8th Gibbons & Jones' Ch & GB Ch Austrian Dream Be Well Suited Of Wispafete Jun Ch
       (Australian Shepherd Dog) 100pts

9th  Toman's Ch Whitepoint Stare If U Dare At Manto Jun Ch (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 95pts

10th O'Neill Caraher's Sh Ch Huntly I Ain't No Panda Jun Ch (Collie Border) 80pts

11th Mcmahon's Ch Feebroithe Canto (German Shepherd Dog) 75pts

12th Hastings, Richardson & Marder's Ch Lambluvs Irish Brew (Old English Sheepdog) 60pts
13th Connolly & Gregory's Sh Ch Tonkory Gold Digger At Huntly (Collie Border) 55pts
         Gilliland's Ch Scallywag My Blue Heaven At Castleavery (Australian Shepherd Dog) 55pts
15th Douglas, Allan & Harlow's Ch, GB, Lux & Am Gr Ch Bayshore Stonehaven Cat Burglar
         (Australian Shepherd Dog) 50pts
         Finnegan's Fearnach Custom Made For Likinwuf Jun Ch (Shetland Sheepdog) 50pts
17th Castillo & Fortune's Ch, Can  & Lux Ch Grandgables Romantica (Shetland Sheepdog) 45pts
         Castillo & Fortune's Ch & Lux Ch Navarrem Fortune Lady Jun Ch (Shetland Sheepdog) 45pts
         Fawcett's Ch Fostebrie Divine Gold At Beannchor Jun Ch (Briard) 45pts
         Matthews' Ch, GB Ch & Int Ch Craigycor Viva La Diva (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 45pts

21st Webb's Ch Daisyway Skyrock Of Milesend (Shetland Sheepdog) 35pts

22nd O'mahoney's Chawton Sam Smith Jun Ch (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 25pts
23rd Connolly's Huntly Gotcha At Hello (Collie Border) 20pts
         Fowler's Ch Original Of The Species Higgings At Carlindale Jun Ch (Collie Bearded) 20pts
         Gibson's Ch, GB & Int Ch Mybeards Izabella At Quinnabeth Jun Ch (Polish Lowland Sheepdog) 20pts
         Hastings' Ch No One But Me Aus Dem-urstromtal At Raggletaggle Jun Ch (Old English Sheepdog) 20pts
         Hurley's Nensy Vom Yugerschof (German Shepherd Dog) 20pts
         Keeling's Kishdigra Conquer The Heavens (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
         MacDonald's Ch & GB Sh Ch Locheil Ooh La La (Collie Border) 20pts
         McDonald's Degallo The Show Must Go On Of Fearnach (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
         McDonald's Fearnach Bramble Abbey (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
         Mulcahy's Ch Kazjs Dancin In The Stars (Collie Rough) 20pts
33rd Carr & Colclough's Durham Mistaken Identity At Donohill (Collie Rough) 15pts
         Hickey's Ch & Int Ch Hapenny Ketticmagic Jun Ch (Collie Border) 15pts
         Jones' Ch Nikolaev Amarande At Abbiville (Bouvier Des Flandres) 15pts
         Lawless' GB Ch Revloch Harry Potter (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 15pts
         Lawless' Ch Revloch Just The Ticket (Belgian Shepherd Tervueren) 15pts
         McBeth's Ch & GB Ch Silkata Perchance To Dream With Maclaurien Jun Ch (Hungarian Puli) 15pts
         McKenna's J'Liberte Du Clos De La Luette (Bouvier Des Flandres) 15pts
         Mulrooney's Griland Always On Stage At Bellablue (Old English Sheepdog) 15pts
41st Bailey's Ennie II Od Uhoste (Czeslovakian Wolfdog) 10pts
         Balmer's Alberdale Anais Anais (German Shepherd Dog) 10pts
         Balmer's Ch Alberdale Xamira (German Shepherd Dog) 10pts
         Brason's GB Ch Hutch Du Bois Du Tot (Belgian Shepherd Tervueren) 10pts
         Burnett's Ch Opus Mon Cher Klementyna Z Flandryjskiego Gniazda Jun Ch (Bouvier Des Flandres) 10pts
         Duffield's GB Ch Angelfield Veuve Clicquot (Collie Rough) 10pts
        Lattimer's Ch & Int Ch Coalacre Lady Liberty Jun Ch (Collie Bearded) 10pts
         Lawless' Aradet Campari For Revloch (Schipperke) 10pts
         Mcdonald's Fahra Vom Taffhaustaff (German Shepherd Dog) 10pts
         McNally's Copamage Supremacy Jun Ch (Collie Rough) 10pts
         Niblock's Ch Knockwood Macey Jun Ch (German Shepherd Dog) 10pts