Group 5 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to Dublin
1st  Burnside's Ch, Lux & Int Ch Libertia Reggae Master (Alaskan Malamute) 305pts

2nd Duggan's Ch, GB, Nl & Int Ch Bedarra Cold Paws Warm Heart For Leorient Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 160pts

3rd  Taylor's Ch Chivas Royal Djalo At Taylorian Jun Ch (Chow Chow) 125pts

4th  Carroll's Ch & Int Ch Lyntova Legend Has It (Keeshond) 120pts

5th  Carroll & Newman's Belliver Kiss The Stars (Pomeranian) 110pts

6th  Giedraitiene's Kristari's Wild Charm Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 90pts

7th  Duggan's Leorient Flying Solo Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 70pts

8th  Jackson & Wright's Ch Steinark Ima Star At Lacsar Jun Ch (Japanese Shiba Inu) 55pts
9th  Bannon & Carroll's Cannonbar Floats Like A Butterfly Jun Ch (American Akita) 50pts
        McLean's Ch, GB & Lux Ch Melodor The Goddess (American Akita) 50pts
11th Cahill & Kilroy's Roycon Raising Hell (American Akita) 45pts
         Carroll & Newman's Ch Bella Klein From This Moment Gus (Pomeranian) 45pts
13th Bannon & Carroll's Ch, BISS, Am & Int Ch Hoka Hey's The Power And The Glory (American Akita) 40pts
         Browne's Modelvill The Quiz Master (American Akita) 40pts
         Carroll & Newman's GB & Phil Ch Canton Dreamkeeper At Lireva (Pomeranian) 40pts
         Clarke's Icemist Kolyminsky Kopec (Samoyed) 40pts
         Duffus' Smiling Snowball Luminous Callisto Jun Ch (Samoyed) 40pts
18th Boardman's Ch Gordorna Himeko Jun Ch (Japanese Spitz) 35pts
         Clarke's Ch Icemist Showdancer (German Spitz Mittel) 35pts
         Minogue's Ch Jiltrain Jackpott (Japanese Shiba Inu) 35pts
         Parkinson's Xania De Eurasipomer At Kaydanmy (Eurasier) 35pts
22nd McKittrick's Ch Graythor Norwegian Fantasy At Cnocanoir (Norwegian Elkhound) 30pts
          Patterson's Ch Her Majesty Out Of Africa At Rocksham (Basenji) 30pts
24th Bowler's Jakave Golden Mckeever (Japanese Shiba Inu) 25pts
         Corr's Ch, GB & Int Ch Crystalclear Working On A Dream Jun Ch (German Spitz Klein) 25pts
         Walker's Lueldar The Witch Is Back (Alaskan Malamute) 25pts
         Walker's Sh Ch Lueldar Mcgrath Trailblazer Jun Ch (Alaskan Malamute) 25pts
28th Carroll's Cedarhills-Shamrock Foreign Correspondent Lyntova (Keeshond) 20pts
         Craig, Scobell & Uspenski's Multi Ch Smiling Snowball Russian Emperor At Samoravich (Samoyed) 20pts
         McLaren's Barannod Ballydhannon Boy (American Akita) 20pts
         Newman's Canton King Maker (Pomeranian) 20pts
         Taylor's Ch Taylorian Starlight Jun Ch (Chow Chow) 20pts
         Wade's Ch, Int, Aust, It & Gr Ch Daesdaemar Stop N Stare (Japanese Spitz) 20pts
         Wogan's Ch & GB Ch Neradmik Uptown Girl Deminiac (Keeshond) 20pts
         Wogan's Ch, GB & Int Ch Neradmik Beach Boy Avec Deminiac (Keeshond) 20pts
         Worthington's Int Ch Minioso's Bear Balinor At Worthysway (American Akita) 20pts
37th Bannon & Carroll's Cannonbar Stings Like A Bee Jun Ch (American Akita) 15pts
         Browne's Ch Modelvill's Dream Chaser (American Akita) 15pts
         Burnside's Ch Libertia Ameri Cano Jun Ch (Alaskan Malamute) 15pts
         Carroll & Komyakova's Multi Ch Dan-Star-Kom Lion Heart (Pomeranian) 15pts
         Daly's Whittimere Prada (Norwegian Elkhound) 15pts
         Garry's Ch Blueagean Oracle Of Apollo (Samoyed) 15pts
         Gilliland's Cosima For Castleavery (Swedish Vallhund) 15pts
         Harris' Neradmik All About The Boy For Watchkees (Keeshond) 15pts
         Quinn's Ch & GB Ch Akiera Lone Spirit (Japanese Spitz) 15pts
         Saich's Zephon Akio At Lindcoly (German Spitz Mittel) 15pts
         Thomas' Shimani Indiana (Siberian Husky) 15pts
         Walker's Ch Lueldar Dixie Chick Jun Ch (Alaskan Malamute) 15pts
49th Clancy's Steinark Starstruck At Milbethan (Japanese Shiba Inu) 10pts
         Corr's Ch Crystalclear Dreamer Jun Ch (German Spitz Klein) 10pts
         Duffus' Ch Radost Zhizni Arctic Light Over Kynoch Jun Ch (Samoyed) 10pts
         Duggan's Ch Leorient Ray Of Light Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 10pts
         Giedraitiene's Kristari's Mystic River Gretta Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 10pts
         Holmes' Ch & Int Ch Suraliam Walking On Sunshine Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 10pts
         Jackson & Wright's Ch Kyoshi Tarot Of Lacsar Jun Ch (Japanese Shiba Inu) 10pts
         Thomas' Ch Shimani Iceman Jun Ch (Siberian Husky) 10pts
         Voloshchuk's Krunglon Ananse Ataman Arachnid (Thai Ridgeback Dog) 10pts