Group 8 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin
1st  Dunne's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Richley Royale Bond
       (Spaniel Clumber) 285pts

2nd Archibald's Sh Ch Abinvale Levanto Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 165pts

3rd  Beattie's Boduf Hope For Branstock Jun Ch
       (Spaniel American Cocker) 145pts

4th  Keelan's Ch Bunnybois Brainstorm At Tejas
       (Spaniel American Cocker) 135pts

5th  Byrne & Stewart's Sh Ch & Int Ch Zenevieva Mister Bojangles For
       Whistler Jun Ch
(Retriever Golden) 125pts

6th  Bryant, Nelson & Morris' Am Ch Silhouette Troubling Nasailleen With
(Spaniel American Cocker) 120pts

7th  Halpin's Sh Ch Moonlone Travelling Man Jun Ch
      (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 115pts

8th  Donaldson's Silveross Van Halen Sings Cherdon
       (Spaniel American Cocker) 80pts

9th  Casey & Cavallo's GB Sh Ch & Aus Sup Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love
       (Spaniel English Springer) 75pts
10th Moran's Sh Ch Shinehill Summer Jazz Of Woodmore
        (Retriever Golden) 70pts
        South & Armstrong's Sh Ch Roslieve Mr Darcs Jun Ch
        (Retriever Labrador) 70pts

12th Knapp's Sh Ch Templecarrig Catch The Wind Jun Ch
        (Spaniel English Springer) 65pts

13th Callaghan's Sh Ch Claychalk Costa Zaire Of Bannabeach
        (Retriever Labrador) 55pts

14th Boardman's Sh Ch Portsann Bling And Sparkle Jun Ch
        (Spaniel American Cocker) 50pts
15th Henesey's Swantonwood Lowry At Wrensmead
(Retriever Flat Coated) 45pts
        Huston's Hustonia Casablanca (Spaniel Cocker) 45pts

17th O'Donoghue's Sh Ch Philipstown Atlantic Breeze
        (Retriever Labrador) 40pts
18th Brennan's Bencleuch Brilliantino At Kerrijoy Jun Ch
        (Spaniel Cocker) 35pts
        Eyeington's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos
        (Spaniel English Springer) 35pts
        Knapp's Sh Ch Templecarrig Heartbreaker
        (Spaniel English Springer) 35pts
21st Connor's Hustonia Biagio Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
        Graham's Sh Ch Stiloga Carling Black Label (Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
        Huston & Arrell's Sh Ch Hustonia Adonis Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
24th Byers' Balibeau Jacqui O Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 25pts
        Douglas' Sh Ch Ramsayville Raise Anchor At Talard Jun Ch
        (Retriever Labrador) 25pts
        Kelly's Corglassgold Honour Roll With Zenevieva Jun Ch
        (Retriever Golden) 25pts
        Kelly's Fairfield Florencia For Zenevieva (Retriever Golden) 25pts
        Merrill's Sh Ch, GB Sh Ch & Int Ch Brockburrow Dream Maker For
        Gostwyck Jun Ch
(Retriever Labrador) 25pts
        Westwood's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Eusanit Apple Of One's Eye
        (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) 25pts
30th Brennan's Backhills Hunky Dory With Kerrijoy Jun Ch
        (Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
        Brennan's Kerrijoy's Aladdin Sane (Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
        Brennan's Kerrijoy's Sirocco Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
        McKinley's Ch Haltonian Cymbaline Jun Ch
        (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 20pts
       Murray's Sh Ch Rathcloon Peaches N Cream Jun Ch
        (Retriever Golden) 20pts
35th Archibald's Sh Ch Abinvale Mystic River Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 15pts
        Healy's Zenevieva Sparks Will Fly At Ardamadane
        (Retriever Golden) 15pts
        Heffernan's Cummac Pastures Of Gold (Retriever Golden) 15pts
        Huston's Hustonia Bombay Bumble (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
        Knapp's Sh Ch Templecarrig Sky High Jun Ch
        (Spaniel English Springer) 15pts
        McEntee-O'Sullivan & O'Sullivan's Baysway Beautiful Melody
        (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
        McLoughlin's Parcroft Blue Angel (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
        Reynolds' Sh Ch & Nl Ch Wyclydo's Fast As The Wind At Gwenariff
        (Spaniel Clumber) 15pts
        Tracz's GB Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate
        (Spaniel English Springer) 15pts
        Walsh's Arrowmoy Manhattan Skyline (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
45th Alopaeus' Multi Ch Kevin De La Gran Aldea
        (Spaniel American Cocker) 10pts
        Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale The Aviator Jun Ch
        (Retriever Golden) 10pts
        Brennan's Kerrijoy's Foolish Fairy Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        Collins & Woods' Springdane Eye Catcher Jun Ch
        (Spaniel English Springer) 10pts
        Cooper & Dornford-Smith's Fivenineplus Pasionaria
        (Spanish Water Dog) 10pts
        Halpin's Sh Ch Redfrith Gift Wrapped For Moonlone Jun Ch
        (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 10pts
        Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Hodgkinson's Burta Marinero Tesoro At
(Spanish Water Dog) 10pts
        Killeen's Philipstown Jacqui At Lisvella (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
        Knapp's Parcroft Sunshine Boy At Templecarrig (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        Laverty's Snowgate Special Edition To Laveris (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        Mć Guire's Sh Ch Foulby Paddy O'Riley (Spaniel Irish Water) 10pts
        McEntee-O'Sullivan & O'Sullivan's Joneva Ferdia At Baysway Jun Ch
        (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        McGroarty's Tamniarn Martha (Retriever Golden) 10pts
        McNeill's Ballyhenry Tyme To Jive At Cashallie Jun Ch
        (Retriever Labrador) 10pts