Group 9 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin
1st  Carroll & Newman’s
Ch, GB, Ger & Cz Ch Hundebuden’s
        Juno Pondabudens

        (Papillon) 480pts

2nd Burns & Coghlan's Ch Dinastii The Libertine
       Afterglow Jun Ch
(Poodle Standard) 290pts

3rd  Gault & Stanley's Ch Pekehuis Midnight
(Pekingese) 215pts

4th  Burns, Coghlan & Howard's Ch Grayco Splash
       The Cash Jun Ch
(Poodle Toy) 190pts

5th  Coogan & Juverud's Tangetoppen's
(Pug) 115pts

6th  Connolly's Ch & GB Ch Ashmair Double Act
       Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 105pts

7th Martin's Ch & Int Ch Glencross De Ja Vu
       Jun Ch
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 80pts
8th  Connolly's Ch & GB Ch Ashmair Sunshine
       All The Way
(Bichon Frise) 65pts
       Gibson's Ch Virtulvilage Vain Jun Ch
       (Shih Tzu) 65pts

10th Hojer & Noonan's Ch, Sw, Dk & Int Ch
        Roseheavens Fabian Perfect Touch

        (Japanese Chin) 60pts

11th Bagnall's Ch Glenclor Voulez Vous
        Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 55pts
12th Jackson & White's Ch Benatone Rings Of
(Maltese) 45pts
        Mcnally & Walker's Ch Timazinti's Khyi Of
        Dreams At Ponpori Jun Ch

        (Lhasa Apso) 45pts

14th Corneille's Ch & Int Ch Falamandus New
        Name For Lilasong Jun Ch

        (Tibetan Terrier) 35pts
15th Gault & Stanley's Navarre's Experiment
        With Moonwhispers
(Poodle Medium) 30pts
        McMorrow & Martin's Ch Ripley Wonder Of
        Love Jun Ch
(Maltese) 30pts
        Murphy's Ch & Int Ch Nisyros Juschin
        Timberlake At Ouzlewell Jun Ch

        (Japanese Chin) 30pts
18th Beggs & Wall's Everready All About Judy
        (French Bulldog) 25pts
        Connolly's Ashmair Celtic Charm
        (Bichon Frise) 25pts
        Foley's Ch Pipistrelle Wildfire Jun Ch
        (Papillon) 25pts
        Leonard's Nobel Merlot Poland Jun Ch
        (Shih Tzu) 25pts
        Murphy's Rivendell Christine Daae
        (Japanese Chin) 25pts
23rd Alford & Sinclair's Araki Stop Flashing Me
        (Tibetan Terrier) 20pts
        Black's Mion Sweet Love (Maltese) 20pts
        Burns, Coghlan & Howard's Ch Grayco
        Poetic Image Jun Ch
(Poodle Toy) 20pts
        Carroll & Newman’s GB Ch Denemore
        Gabiscandy Floss
(Papillon) 20pts
        Corneille's Ch, Fin, Dk & Int Ch Falamandus
        One Kick Ahead With Lilasong Jun Ch

        (Tibetan Terrier) 20pts
       Friend's Kesasonas Little Elsa
        (French Bulldog) 20pts
       Ingram, Ryan, Nelson & Bryant's
GB Ch Nasailleen Notorious At Tirkane
        (Poodle Toy) 20pts
        Moran's Ch, GB & Dk Ch Tara Av Elgberget
        (Tibetan Spaniel) 20pts
        O'Brien's Ch, GB & Int Ch Rosanley The
        Adonis At Torfness
(Tibetan Spaniel) 20pts
        Rowe's Fabiola Phoenix Le Chien
(Poodle Standard) 20pts
       Tate-Byrne's Ch Siddhartha Quirky 'N
        Quaint Jun Ch
(Tibetan Terrier) 20pts
        Welbourn, Dowsett & Tyler's Ch Zumarnik
        Hot Pursuit
(Maltese) 20pts
35th Bryant & Ryan's Tirkane Constellation
        (Poodle Toy) 15pts
        Carthy's Brenhora Marlon Brando At

        (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 15pts
        Connolly's Omegaville Gossip Girl At
(Chinese Crested) 15pts
        Fallon's Ch Clodana Bellissima Jun Ch
(Pug) 15pts
        Gould's Manoir's Air Force Zero
        (Bichon Frise) 15pts
        Gregge & Donnelly's Ch Galanthia's Queen
(Griffon Bruxellois) 15pts
        Hamilton's Takaira Texan Town
        (Boston Terrier) 15pts
        Lamont's Ch Moorfields Eclat D'Or
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 15pts
        Murphy's Ch & Int Ch Rivendell Love Never
(Japanese Chin) 15pts
        O'Sullivan's Ch Lestatt Akind Of Magic
        Jun Ch
(Chihuahua Long Coat) 15pts
       Rooney's Yenoor Princess Yasmine
        (Shih Tzu) 15pts
        Sullivan & Rosengrave's Ch Heneva Secret
(Poodle Miniature) 15pts
47th Andrew-Tempest's Ch Shamisha
        Something Special For Mikudi Jun Ch

        (Tibetan Terrier) 10pts
        Bagnall's Glenclor Super Trouper Jun Ch
        (Bichon Frise) 10pts
        Croarkin's Ch & Lux Ch Kingfriend Aprika
        Miss Wicked Of Kesasonas Jun Ch

        (French Bulldog) 10pts
        Dowty & Begg's Little White Wonder
        Othello Matteo
(Bolognese) 10pts
        Fisher's Flash Of Joy Here I Come
        (Pug) 10pts
        Gura-Mallon's Celticlibrid Hammer To Fall
        (French Bulldog) 10pts
        Morelli's Linberg Kalden At Hillcave
        (Lhasa Apso) 10pts
        O'Kane's Ch Lindberg Toffee Senghem
        (Lhasa Apso) 10pts
        Tate-Byrne's Ch Siddhartha Pride Of Leon
        (Tibetan Terrier) 10pts
        Thorpe's Ashaka Boys With Big Toys
        (Chihuahua Long Coat) 10pts
        Ward's Ch Fayroymops Wish U Were
(Pug) 10pts