1st  Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney's
       Ch, GB & Int Ch Davashey To Tell The
       Truth Jun Ch
(Afghan Hound) 450pts

2nd  Cushley’s Ch Ulmarra Osaat At Actolia
        Jun Ch
(Saluki) 280pts

3rd  Clarke's Ch Inara Of Shantamon
       (Irish Wolfhound) 265pts

4th  Finney's Ch Isnalera Gimme Shelter At
       Gulliagh Jun Ch
(Irish Wolfhound) 140pts   

5th  Nolan's Ch & Int Ch Collooney Candy Floss
(Whippet) 95pts 

6th  Matthews' Ch Iason Ailesbury Of Gentle
       Mind Jun Ch
(Whippet) 85pts

7th  Thompson's Barnesmore Cheroke Lad
       (Whippet) 75pts

8th  Thompson's Ch Barnesmore Veni Vidi Vici
       (Whippet) 70pts          
Ch Norah Jones Roan Inish
       (Irish Wolfhound) 70pts
10th Clarke's Black Storm Of Shantamon
        (Irish Wolfhound) 65pts
        Smith's Uella Tramore
(Irish Wolfhound) 65pts
        Tomasovicova's Opera Roan Inish
(Irish Wolfhound) 65pts            
13th Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney's
Valkor Vritra Jun Ch (Afghan Hound) 55pts
        Thompson's Barnesmore Arabella
        (Whippet) 55pts

15th Thompson's Multi Ch Isla At Barnesmore
        Ad Honores Jun Ch
(Greyhound) 50pts

16th Stewart-Ritchie & Van der Schaaf's
Creme Anglaise’s Vanilla Flavour
        (Whippet) 45pts
17th Coulter & Fletcher's Ch Collooney Prawn
        Star Jun Ch
(Whippet) 40pts
        Link's Ch, GB & Int Ch Pahlevi Disco Diva
        At Orashan
(Afghan Hound) 40pts
        Matthews' Who's Perfect Of Gentle Mind
        (Whippet) 40pts
20th Bollard O.Callaghan's Ch Popovs Kir Royal
        (Afghan Hound) 35pts
        Thompson's Oraison Du Plus Fort Ad
        Honores Of Barnesmore
(Greyhound) 35pts
        Wade's Mignonne Forum Romanum
        Jun Ch
(Italian Greyhound) 35pts 
        Wade's Ch, GB & Int Ch Turigner Wind In
        The Willows Jun Ch

        (Italian Greyhound) 35pts
24th Arden's Paskova Night Warrior
(Borzoi) 30pts
        Briscoe's Ranveli Hint Of White At Belwood
(Whippet) 30pts
        Little's Ch & Int Ch Rosslyn Raider
(Deerhound) 30pts
        Roden & Keyse's Ch Estet Classic
        Playfellow With Taevas Jun Ch

        (Greyhound) 30pts
        Smyth's Barnesmore Heaven And Hell
(Whippet) 30pts
29th Cullen's Feorish Bran
(Irish Wolfhound) 25pts
        Dunne's Ch Jada-Jahimi Al Djiibaajah At
(Saluki) 25pts
        Fahey & Shire's Ch Shokran Aquila
        (Saluki) 25pts
        Mullen's Sceolan From Starstone Jun Ch
(Irish Wolfhound) 25pts
        Winter's Collooney Bendy Wendy
(Whippet) 25pts
34th Bartusch, Demmerling & Khan's
        Ger Ch Dandy II Of Gentle Mind
        (Whippet) 20pts
        Corr's Crystalclear Antonio Jun Ch
(Italian Greyhound) 20pts
        Doak's Con Centric Of Rosslyn
(Deerhound) 20pts
        Dunne's Swala's Saqr (Azawakh) 20pts
        Foran's GB Ch Donskoi Tanets Volkami
        (Borzoi) 20pts
        Foran's Solovyev Donna Of Donskoy
(Borzoi) 20pts
        Hambling's Chaseover Marble Rolls Onn
(Whippet) 20pts
        Murphy's Mossbawnhill Has It All
(Whippet) 20pts
        Scott's Caredig Riot (Irish Wolfhound) 20pts
        Young's Imidiwan Amestan (Azawakh) 20pts
44th Barry Sheehan's Ch & Int Ch Ulmarra Belle
        Epoque Jun Ch
(Saluki) 15pts
        Bollard O.Callaghan's Cloud Side Sunpearl
        Jun Ch
(Afghan Hound) 15pts
        Corr's Ch & Int Ch Louigy Sunnymoon
        Place Jun Ch
(Italian Greyhound) 15pts
        Fryer's Collooney Swing Low At Stonefox
(Whippet) 15pts
        Robertson's Sheol Going For Gold
(Whippet) 15pts
        Small's Ch Chinzaes In Comes The Judge
(Afghan Hound) 15pts
        Thompson's Barnesmore Apollo Jun Ch
(Borzoi) 20pts
        Thompson's Barnesmore Swan Lake
        (Borzoi) 15pts
52nd Connolly's Ch Caryna Lotus Jun Ch
(Saluki) 10pts
         Kanoo's Swiss Ch Nibrass Diamond Queen
(Borzoi) 10pts
         Kanoo's Nibrass King Offa (Borzoi) 10pts
         Matthews' Ch You Tube Star Of Gentle
         Mind Jun Ch
(Whippet) 10pts
         Stratton's Mossbawnhill Hot Fuss
(Whippet) 10pts
         Tomasovicova's Pitlochry's Floshilde
(Irish Wolfhound) 10pts
         Wade's Sumobi Blue Voilet
(Italian Greyhound) 10pts

Group 10 - GAIN Topdog
2019 Final Result