1st  Daly & Crockett's Ch Forlegd Xlrate
       Lightning Mc Queen At
(Sealyham Terrier) 430pts

2nd  Delmar's Ch Shillelagh Valhala Jun Ch
        (Fox Terrier Smooth Haired) 265pts

3rd  Butterfield, McGonagle & Quigg's
       GB Ch Irisblu Aiveen For Newent
       (Kerry Blue Terrier) 225pts 

4th  Lawless & Heinonen's Multi Ch Curiosity
       Proving The Point
(Australian Silky Terrier) 150pts

5th  Cox & Velykyte's Ophelia Of Fortune
(Bull Terrier) 125pts 

6th  Broaders' Ch & GB Ch Brookside Aristocrat
       Jun Ch
(Lakeland Terrier) 115pts

7th  Wood's Ch Bultery Rollen Thunder Jun Ch
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 100pts

8th  Hogarty's Ch & GB Ch Cadagio Take That
       (Cairn Terrier) 85pts

9th  Gregg's Ch Bambusa Follow The Dream
       (Airedale Terrier) 70pts   
10th Byrnes' Multi Ch Sandstaffs Inkberry Holly
        (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 55pts
        Delaney's Galahad's Guardian X-Tra Cha-
        Cha-Cha Jun Ch
(Irish Terrier) 55pts 
        Leonard & Smit-Kammerbeek's
Ch, Int & Nl Ch Lucia's Dream Surprise
(Scottish Terrier) 55pts
        O'Donoghue's Blackdale Headmaster
        (Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 55pts

14th Cox & Streltsova's Multi Ch Yanni House
        Tiffany Cutie
(Bull Terrier Miniature) 50pts 
15th Mackrell, Connolly & Dowty's
Multi Ch Sunny Pearls Gaspar Amoroso
(Australian Silky Terrier) 45pts
        Rigney & McGurk's Ch Arigna First Lady
        Jun Ch
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 45pts

17th Whelan's Bryan Acheron Slovakia Jun Ch
        (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 40pts 

18th Connolly's Bullfortis Baroness
(Bull Terrier Miniature) 30pts
19th Byrnes' Lackyle Ógbhean An Diabhal
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 25pts
        Delmar's Shillelagh Bewitched
(Fox Terrier Smooth Haired) 25pts
        Gloin's Kilkillogue Flame Dancer
(Irish Terrier) 25pts
        Knight's Toulsyork Only Olga For Mynight
        (Airedale Terrier) 25pts
        Thompson's Barnesmore Hells Angel
(Bull Terrier) 25pts
        White's Ch Abberann Cosmic Cowboy
        (Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 25pts
25th Dobbin's Bullfortis Silver Bride Of Debully
(Bull Terrier Miniature) 20pts
        Ebdon's Stunning Luxe Jaime La Vie At
(Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 20pts
        Fitzpatrick's Flying The Flag For
(West Highland White Terrier) 20pts
        Gut's Iceman From Deerpark Jun Ch
(Cairn Terrier) 20pts
        Hackett's Hellstaff Lady Gaga
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 20pts
        Leonard & Smit-Kammerbeek's Lucia's
        Dream Costa Bop
(Scottish Terrier) 20pts
        Nicholls & McGuinness' Foxline Toby Twirl
        (Parson Russell Terrier) 20pts
        Rock's Ch Bohamer Blue Storm
        (Border Terrier) 20pts
        Stoddart, McIntosh, Stubbs & Seaton's
Temora The Hawk (Australian Terrier) 20pts
34th Anderson & Byrne's Ch Kerrykeel Dillon
        Jun Ch
(Irish Terrier) 15pts
        Carroll's Carolmac Locked And Loaded
(Irish Terrier) 15pts
        Condron's Ch Robinstown Super Trouper
        Jun Ch
(Fox Terrier Smooth Haired) 15pts
        Corcoran's Molru The Navigator
         (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 15pts
        Craig's Catachgorm The Enchantress
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 15pts
        Doolan's Berbun Cracker
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 15pts
        Gregg's Bambusa So Noble
        (Airedale Terrier) 15pts
        Gut's Ch & Int Ch Lauren Bacal Du
        Harpouy D Auzan Jun Ch
(Cairn Terrier) 15pts
        Nieradka's Dunord Hussars
        (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 15pts
        Thompson's Ch Burrencroft Glamorous
(Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 15pts
44th Biggerstaff-Moore's Ch Saredon Miss
        Malone Of Benzara Jun Ch
(Jack Russell Terrier) 10pts
        Butterfield, McGonagle & Quigg's Ch Irisblu
        Argento Miculadh
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 10pts
        Cherry's Bultery Cherrys Charmer
        (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts
        Connolly's Krisbos Nothing But Trouble At
(Jack Russell Terrier) 10pts
        Fitzpatrick's Ch Lynnsto Star Turn At
(West Highland White Terrier) 10pts
        Higham's Comberdown Colleen
(Border Terrier) 10pts
        O'Gorman's Parkpoint Pick Me Up
(Parson Russell Terrier) 10pts
        Pearce's Demorner Nightmoon
(Welsh Terrier) 10pts
        Robertson's Tilstar Thunder Bay At
(Welsh Terrier) 10pts
        Sas' Ch Radhika Dasi Golaka Jun Ch
(American Staffordshire Terrier) 10pts
        Saxton, Dale, Dale & Emrick's
Ch & GB Ch Rattustrap Bitter'n Twisted
(Manchester Terrier) 10pts
        Stuart's Kaszavolgyl Furge Lucky
(Jack Russell Terrier) 10pts
        Thompson's Burrencroft Handsome Boy
(Fox Terrier Smooth Haired) 10pts
        Williamson's Plunkett Hank Marvin
        (Parson Russell Terrier) 10pts 
        Winogradova's Imp In Skirt Zealous
(Scottish Terrier) 10pts         

Group 3 - GAIN Topdog
2019 Final Result