Group 4 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Bull Breeds
1st  McFaul's Ch Shardaroba's Fashion Flow At Dachville Jun Ch (L/H) 320pts

2nd  Crowley's Ch Nicholas Of Donnamarc (S/H) 295pts

3rd  Weir's Ch & Nl Ch Magik Rainbow Gloria (S/H Kaninchen) 155pts

4th  Mcdonnell's Ch Kinchville Gangster At Smartdac (L/H Miniature) 140pts

5th  Reynolds' Glenariff Rev It Up (S/H Miniature) 125pts

6th  Crowley's Ch Nikola Of Donnamarc (S/H) 100pts 

7th  Weir's Swissking Cinnamon Jun Ch (S/H Kaninchen) 85pts

8th  Patton's Ch Lesandnic Ludovic Jun Ch (W/H) 80pts
9th  Bastable's Chrishane Forevever Together Jun Ch (S/H Miniature) 70pts
       Bastable's Chrishane Stradivarius Jun Ch (S/H Miniature) 70pts
       Larkin's Luna Caprese Rossa E' La Rosa (L/H Miniature) 70pts   
       Mcalpine's Ch Lampcein Georgia (L/H Miniature) 70pts

13th Clancy's Ch Optimus Daquintad' Abroeira At Jaybo (W/H) 60pts
14th Mcdonnell's Ch Smartdac Storm Temptress (L/H Miniature) 55pts
        Patton's Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee Jun Ch (W/H) 55pts
16th Finney's Gulliagh Stroopwafel (W/H Kaninchen) 50pts
        Reynolds' Glenariff Quite Something (S/H) 50pts
18th Midgley's Ch Jemdach Mystic Quartz Jun Ch (S/H Miniature) 45pts   
        Reynolds' Cwmdarhian Wally Lewis Glenariff (S/H) 45pts      

20th Cunningham's Ch Sontag Say The Word For Celandine Jun Ch (S/H) 40pts
21st Finney's William Wasabi Vitoraz Jun Ch (W/H Miniature) 35pts
        Mcalpine's Ch & GB Ch Lampcein Trick Or Treat (L/H Miniature) 35pts
23rd Kelly's Ch Tete-A-Tete Diervilla Avec Kmai Jun Ch (W/H Miniature) 25pts
        Larkin's Luna Caprese Via Dalla Folla (L/H Kaninchen) 25pts
        Weir's Ambreglo Robyn (S/H Kaninchen) 25pts
        Woodvine-Shone's Ralines Sazerac (L/H Miniature) 25pts
27th Dunne's Ch Hanishan Solange (W/H Miniature) 20pts
        Larkin's Damsoms Zaneeta (L/H) 20pts
        Mcdonnell's Ch Smartdac She's The One (L/H Miniature) 20pts
        Warke's Ch Glasvey Hurricane Run Jun Ch (L/H) 20pts
        Wheatland's Ch Pinedax Dolly Mixture Jun Ch (S/H Miniature) 20pts
        Williamson's Ch Vandor-Vadasz Banya Jun Ch (W/H Miniature) 20pts 
33rd Mcalpine's Lampcein Hocus Pocus (L/H Kaninchen) 15pts
        Mcalpine's Lampcein Kween Kandy (L/H Miniature) 15pts
        Midgley's Ch Jemdach Black Onyx Jun Ch (S/H Miniature) 15pts
        Patton's Ch & GB Ch Lesandnic Sea The Stars Jun Ch (W/H) 15pts
        Pavinska's Largoreal Vin Diesel (S/H Miniature) 15pts
        Wheatland's Pinedax Judy Two (S/H Miniature) 15pts
39th Chance & Dodds' Dotlun Pink Gin (S/H) 10pts
        Delerue's Gib Ch Pacha Da Quinta D'Abroeira (W/H Miniature) 10pts
        Hastings' Bardings Bar-K Truffles (W/H) 10pts
        Mathers' Gulliagh Cloudberry (W/H Miniature) 10pts
        Norton's Halunke Love Affair (L/H Kaninchen) 10pts
        Parker & O'Gorman's Ch Rosbarnagh Mr Brannigan At Murrisk (S/H Kaninchen) 10pts
        Pattison's Ch Auchans Take That (W/H Kaninchen) 10pts
        Sheeran's Kmai Bilbo Baggins (W/H Kaninchen) 10pts