Group 8 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to Bull Breeds
1st  Douglas’ Sh Ch Talard Cee Three Pee
(Retriever Labrador) 330pts

2nd  Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale
        Levanto Jun Ch
(Retriever Golden) 250pts

3rd  Reynolds' Sh Ch Richley Morning Snow
       (Spaniel Clumber) 125pts

4th  Hamilton's Elliot Christian Gabrettina
(Spaniel English Springer) 90pts
5th  Smith's Sh Ch Foulby Niamh At
(Spaniel Irish Water) 70pts 

6th  Halpin's Moonlone Dairy Master Jun Ch
       (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 65pts
7th  Dunne's Sh Ch Richley The Showman
(Spaniel Clumber) 55pts
       Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford's
Sui Ch Chanderhill Hecho En Espana
(Spanish Water Dog) 55pts 

9th  Donaldson's Sh Ch Silveross Van Halen
       Sings Cherdon

       (Spaniel American Cocker) 50pts
10th Brennan's Sh Ch Backhills Hunky Dory
        With Kerrijoy Jun Ch
(Spaniel Cocker) 45pts
        Brennan's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Kerrijoy
        Valentino Jun Ch
(Spaniel Cocker) 45pts
        Cullen's Philipstown Lexington Jun Ch
        (Retriever Labrador) 45pts
        Halpin's Sh Ch Moonlone Harvester Jun Ch
        (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 45pts
        Heffernan's Sh Ch Cummac Pastures Of
        Gold At Lisartan Jun Ch
(Retriever Golden) 45pts
        Murray's Riverrun Everybody's Friend
        (Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 45pts
16th Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale
        Mystic River Jun Ch

        (Retriever Golden) 35pts
        Beattie, Ragusa & Ness' Mar-K N Branstock
        Emerald Isle
(Spaniel American Cocker) 35pts
        Brennan's Donatal Versace At Kerrijoy
(Spaniel Cocker) 35pts
        McEntee & McEntee-O'Sullivan's
Sh Ch Baysway Sweet Serenade Jun Ch
(Spaniel Cocker) 35pts 
20th Gibson's Sh Ch Rysalka Dance Major At
        Brookhaven Jun Ch

        (Portuguese Water Dog) 30pts
        Moran's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Alamanza Final
(Retriever Flat Coated) 30pts
        Savage's Weisford Trials And Tribulations
        Jun Ch
(Retriever Golden) 30pts
23rd Collins' Erinderry Snowbird
(Retriever Golden) 25pts
        Copley's Monchique Imperial Beau At
(Retriever Golden) 25pts
        Conway's Caliway Mr Pickwick
(Spaniel Irish Water) 25pts
        Holt's Miss Bones Tamaam To Bethryn
(Spaniel English Springer) 25pts
        Murray's Rathcoon Shop Til U Drop
        (Retriever Golden) 25pts
Philipstown Tennessee
(Retriever Labrador) 25pts
        Taylor's Absoulute Best Iz Mahornogo
(Spaniel American Cocker) 25pts
30th Archibald's Abinvale Santa Ana
        (Retriever Golden) 20pts
        Attwood's Sh Ch Moorash Lady Ygraine Of
(Spaniel Welsh Springer) 20pts
        Bailie's Gabriel Eureka Discovery Of The
        Stars For Thornbrook

        (Spaniel American Cocker) 20pts
        Boardman's Portsann Trademark
        (Spaniel American Cocker) 20pts
        Callaghan's Sh Ch Bannabeach CJ Stander
        Jun Ch
(Retriever Labrador) 20pts
        Egginton's El Viejo Cauce Boquerón
(Spanish Water Dog) 20pts
        Gaskin's Juli Style Adorable Elvis
        (Spaniel American Cocker) 20pts
        McDowell's Penbridge Pretty In Pink
(Retriever Golden) 20pts
        O'Neill's Glenbrows Best Of Both
        (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 20pts
        Wylie & Alexander's Loughbrae Ready
(Retriever Labrador) 20pts
40th Auderer-Siegele's Drombeg Nobleman
        (Retriever Golden) 15pts
        Bowley's Valdine Field Of Dreams
        (Spaniel Field) 15pts
        Hodge's Naiken Elite Envoy
(Retriever Labrador) 15pts
        Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford's
        Multi Ch Rayaragua Ria Del Chanderhill
        (Spanish Water Dog) 15pts
        Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford's
Ch & Sui Ch Otto De Aronagua Del
        Chanderhill Jun Ch
(Spanish Water Dog) 15pts
        Laverty's Marquell Mister Call To Snowgate
(Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
46th Brennan's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Kerrijoy
        Cierzo Jun Ch
(Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        Cummins' Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Moyasta
        Decoyman Jun Ch
(Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 10pts
        Douglas’ Talard Glasdrumond Wood
(Retriever Labrador) 10pts
        Halpin's Sh Ch Moonlone Melissa The Ice
        Queen Jun Ch
(Spaniel Welsh Springer) 10pts
        Hastings' Bardings Bypolar Bear
(Spaniel Sussex) 10pts
        Jackson & Wright's Caci's Mystery WFS
        Guest Jun Ch
(Retriever Flat Coated) 10pts
        McLoughlin's Bencleuch Bang On The Time
        Jun Ch
(Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        O'Donoghue's Sh Ch Philipstown Wicked
        Lady Jun Ch
(Retriever Labrador) 10pts
        O'Neill's Sh Ch Benoveor Olympus Has
        Fallen Jun Ch
(Spaniel Welsh Springer) 10pts
        Walsh's Sh Ch Silveross Spiritualized
        Jun Ch
(Spaniel American Cocker) 10pts
        Williams' Amaroanne Athena At Wilmerella
(Spaniel Cocker) 10pts